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Best  Rubber &Sports &Medical Products Factory

Add: Huanan Industrila zone ,Liaobu town ,Dongguan city ,Guangdong ,China
Contact person: Miss Zhao
Telephone: 0086-18025221885
Email address:

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        Best Rubber &Sports &Medical Products Factory is a professional production of medical equipment maintenance and NEOPRENE, CR, SBR, SCR (rubber) products factory,In full of "world factory" of central town - step Lao town, dongguan city, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, with only one step away from gs, with modern production equipment,Technology is the first-class designers and experienced production workers. Plant area covers an area of 1500 square meters, staff 1500 people.Company since was established in 2006, main products are sports class (hand, shoulde.
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Best sports medical supplies factory specializing in the production of medical equipment maintenance in the factory. Now found that some illegal organizations use "hundreds of, sports health" misleading,

Step Lao town south China industrial zone, dongguan city, the other is counterfeit, please pay attention to customers. I hereby declare! Customer service telephone: 18025221885

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