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Fashion outdoor sporting goods market rapid development
Updated: 2013-07-11 16:29

In recent years, outdoor consumption gradually become fashion, and fashion led outdoor sporting goods market fast development, the rapid growth in sales. Ispochina Asian sports and fashion show to the all-china commercial information center released the "2010 China fashion outdoor sporting goods market development report shows that in 2010 China's outdoor fashion sports in national key large-scale retail enterprise sales year-on-year growth of 30.2%, than ordinary sporting goods retail sales 15.6% higher than that of 15.6% growth.


Lead sales surge the unit price


Due to outdoor fashion sports rapid sales growth, fashion outdoor sporting goods in the sporting goods market share also presents a significant growth. In 2010, the national key large-scale retail enterprises outdoor fashion sporting goods retail sales in the sporting goods retail sales accounted for 6.1% increase over 2009, up to 19.9%. Points in city, the second - and third-tier cities sales growth is significantly higher than the first-tier cities, the growth rate of 60.1% and 60.1% respectively, 20.7% higher than first-tier cities.


National key large-scale retail enterprises of outdoor fashion sports goods price significantly above the level of the average price of sports goods. In 2010, in front of the sportswear market average unit price in four of six brand there is a professional outdoor fashion sports brand, Columbia, north face, pathfinder and Ozark, price is 70% higher than the overall level of at least. In shoes market, the average unit price of the top four, respectively is love step, KEEN, Columbia, and joy, and love of step and KEEN on average unit price of more than one thousand yuan, 1 ~ 3 times higher than the overall level.


The rapid sales of outdoor fashion sports reflect the current our country consumer demand for outdoor fashion sports consumption. 2010 brand enterprises at home and abroad, therefore, increase the intensity of the expansion, retail enterprises are also through increasing outdoor fashion sports brand's sales quantity and sales area to meet consumer demand. "2010 China fashion outdoor sporting goods market development report shows that in 2010, two-thirds of the retail business of outdoor fashion sports brand sales increased significantly compared with that in 2009, 26% of the outdoor fashion sports brand quantity is doubled; 28% of the company sales of outdoor sports brand quantity is more than 10; 6% of sales in fashion in the outdoor sports products from scratch.


In 2010, the national key large-scale retail enterprises outdoor sports top 10 fashion brand share of total sales of more than 75%, to 77.34%, the second - and third-tier cities in the first 10 brand concentration exceeded 80%, 84.22% and 89.44%, respectively, the first-tier cities is relatively low, at 73.44%. Sales market share top ten brand in turn is Columbia, north face, pathfinder, Ozark, converse, step, and the Wolf claws, love poems, shimron camel cloth and the United States.


In the top 10 brands, foreign brands advantage obviously, Columbia, north face, converse, love, step, and the Wolf claws and poem, six foreign brand market share of total sales is 54.89%; Pathfinder, Ozark, camels and brother shimron, etc four local brand market share sales amounted to less than half of the foreign brands, is only 22.46%. Thus, at present in our country fashion outdoor sporting goods market, foreign brands dominate.


Local brands and rapid development


Although local brand market share is relatively small, but the rapid development of nearly two years. According to statistics, in 2010 national key large-scale retail enterprises local brands in sports clothes and sports shoes market pathfinder, Ozark, by 2009 the average annual American camel market share and ranking has obvious improvement.


In addition to the professional outdoor sports brand, traditional sports brand also began to develop outdoor sporting goods market, Nike in China market in 2010 officially launched specifically for skateboard, fancy skiing, surfing, BMX, skis, limit the 6 items, such as motion design of the 6.0 series products. According to from ispochina Asian sports and fashion exhibition organizers information, at present a large number of local traditional sports brand has also formulated the development strategy of outdoor products or brands.


Just in Beijing ispochina2011 (the 7th Asian sports and fashion show) attracted 350 exhibitors from home and abroad, received 17724 professional audience, 3 days scale growth sharply compared with last year, the strong development of the sports goods market in China. Overseas exhibitors said, see a lot of domestic brands, haven't seen very rich category level. More and more international brands the fair also shows the Chinese market is the center of the movement in the future market.


Site visitors from speciality store, mall dealers, retailers, department stores, all channels such as professional audience, there are still many new entrants and preparation into the dealer. European outdoor secretary-general of the federation said after the exhibition, Chinese audiences both in quantity and quality is very high, both in the attitude and on the dress are very professional. Nearly two years outdoor fashion sports industry high-speed growth, China will become the world's third largest after Europe and the United States outdoor industry market in a timely manner.

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