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About 65% Chinese sporting goods market in the world
Updated: 2013-01-07 18:36

Is the pioneer of China's sports industry, sports industry is the world's biggest sporting goods production base in mainland China, 65% in the international market of sports goods made in China, China has become the world's largest sporting goods processing base. In Beijing, China sporting goods fair in 2001, brought together more than 640 sporting goods production and agent. It is understood that the exhibition area of 70000 square meters, 3300 international standard booths to sign.



Zheng Zeyun vice director of state general administration of sports sports equipment center, said the first 8 TiBoHui are held in October and November, brought forward to July this year, because Beijing is bidding for the Olympic Games, the Olympic committee's time on July 13. Is closely connected with sports and the Olympic Games, the enterprise order cycle must be combined and the market. After China sporting goods federation was founded in 1993, started in China's northwest, north China, east China, south China, central south, southwest and other places held TiBoHui, after 8 years of efforts, TiBoHui phase I goals held "flow, Asia's largest" is implemented, now into the second stage, ready to use five years to achieve internationalization.


According to expert estimates, the driving factor for 1:10 international exhibition, exhibition venues, income is 10000 yuan, the related social income is 100000 yuan. Many exhibitors of this exhibition in return, hope is particularly big, do this before the Olympics, the exhibition if shen ao4 success, exhibition economy returns will be higher. Guangdong cadbury sporting goods company, general manager assistant Chen Mingjian said, their company have clothing, shoes, equipment exhibition, a total of 22 booths, more than 200 square meters, a total of 500000 or so. He said with confidence: "according to past experience, the 500000 will be back, good management can take more than 200 ten thousand yuan, is expected at around $1.5 million this year." In the number of exhibitors, the reporter found that some of them are furniture manufacturing enterprises. One asks just understand, originally their main business is manufacturing furniture, secondary business is the production board, etc. A vendor said, from luoyang to take part in the exhibition mainly advertising, because the board is not very hot in the sporting goods.


The largest exhibition area of "sports shoes, sportswear exhibition". According to the personage inside course of study says, the current athletic shoes, clothes, for a large proportion in the sports industry. The booth has 16 accounted for more than 400 square meters, the 16 of the products is almost all clothing and shoes, binary, popcap, anta menacing, etc. "Li ning", "conway," the two leaders in sports apparel, the booth of 612 square meters, continue to sing the "seen".


Beijing shougang's name appears on the TiBoHui. Beijing shougang sports development co., LTD. Is in shougang has just started in the process of reform and the industrial adjustment. Said his company Li Qinghua, shougang using "shougang" social effects, clothing field. Are catching up with bidding for the Olympic Games, so building the shougang basketball centre gymnasium, it's just part of the sports industry shougang. Bid, if successful, shougang's sports and leisure clothing will have the opportunity to form their own brand. In event organization, business equipment, etc.


The Chinese own brand has been lagging behind the international. But since a batch of famous brand was born condition change. The emergence of li ning company makes Nike adjustment strategy, the li ning as its rivals in the domestic first, adidas is playing second fiddle. According to statistics, last year in the first half of the domestic market sales, li ning, about 50% of the sporting goods market, accounted for about 30% of Nike and adidas account for about 10%, about 10% a decade or two other brands at home and abroad to contract. According to several main sporting goods sales agents at home and abroad, according to Nike in China in 1999 sales of 300 million yuan or so, adidas has passed, and li ning, to reach 700 million yuan. Li xiaoshuang sporting goods co., LTD., was founded in 1999, established distribution network in 46 cities; Deng yaping company just four years to create brand image of professional women sports things. "Liu guoliang", "army" celebrities such as start playing the propaganda. China brand "binary" in TiBoHui tightening was "li ning", said the intangible asset development research center released in Beijing, double star brand value has reached 5.05 billion yuan, become the first brand shoes in China, double star group President Wang Hai has a value of 1.02 billion yuan. At the conference, the Chinese enterprises begin to face to face challenge and overseas enterprises. Overseas exhibitors has a large number of international brands of the company's agent in China, such as Prince, Wilson, deng road, Hyde, umbro, especially Nick silk, etc., including Australia, New Zealand, Japan venues equipment facilities enterprises are participating for the first time.


Sports in our country most dependent on science and technology products imported from abroad, from this session of TiBoHui "science and technology exhibition". A total of 33 sports goods enterprises, of which more than 70% are the agent of foreign brands in China. Said a international brand agent, China technically still couldn't catch up with foreign countries, China is mainly engaged in processing. Chinese brands such as "li ning" than international brands in technology. Sports science society of China, deputy secretary of the Yangtze river bin said, "the high-tech technology products of technology demand is higher, the price of this kind of product is very high also, less using the object, the target market is small." This is the main factor restricting the development of sports science and technology in China. But with the development of the national fitness movement across the country, people more and more is also high demand for scientific fitness, driving the market development potential. Li ning company marketing manager Zhang Qing said: "sporting goods brand should pay attention to research and development. Simply than no style, to functional and professional development. Like Nike, adidas, right from the start didn't give up efforts in scientific and technological content, single Nikeshox this single shoes research and development spent 16 years."


Sports fitness equipment is very promising. Global ranking of the top 10 fitness equipment in the enterprise the only Chinese company - "qiaoshan", on the show also accounts for more than 400 square meters. Fitness equipment market of hot is also a reason. In 1995 the state council promulgated the national fitness program outline ", quickly activate the fitness awareness of the people, at the same time, the international businessman also bullish on the fitness market with Chinese characteristics. So all of a sudden became popular fitness equipment market. Look from machines development process, "household multi-functional machines is the first generation products for the mass market, such as 12, 28 equipment gave people the impression is the more the better. After 1997, multi-function products sheet function machines quickly to the market. Fitness equipment several market sell like hot cakes, and the selection of machines and the use of guidance is not "hot".


Sports goods is large in America's sports industry, accounting for about one-third of the total, including sports equipment, sports shoes and sportswear. Athletic shoes and sportswear, respectively accounting for 37% of the us footwear and apparel industry and the market share of 22%. Beijing sporting goods industry practitioners of more than 20000 people, year sales of 3.47 billion yuan. According to customs statistics, China's sporting goods exports in 1999 to $5.387 billion, including sports shoes for $2.369 billion, sport equipment for $2.544 billion, sportswear for $474 million. In addition, sports performance, sports training, sports media, sports souvenirs and so on all have good development prospects.


Description: world sporting goods market in the world within the scope of the sports goods market trading is about 750 billion francs, Europe account for 33%, accounted for 30% in the United States, Japan and southeast Asia accounted for 22%, accounted for 15% of the rest of the world.


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